Sylvania Introduces $179.99 7" Android Tablet

You tablet choices are more plentiful than ever before these days. You've got the iPad (of course), Samsung's Galaxy Tab, and a host of other options from all sorts of companies. And not all tablets are $499+. This Sylvania 7" Tablet just recently hit the Kmart website, promising to attract lots of eyes from those who want a tablet, but don't want to go broke while getting one.

The 7" device has a 800x480 resolution, a touch panel, 6-hour battery, 512MB of RAM, 2GB of Flash memory, a microSD card (supports up to 16GB), 802.11b/g Wi-Fi, two mini-USB sockets, an HDMI video output and Android 2.1 as the operating system. Android 2.1 is definitely getting aged, but many new Android tablets are still using it.

It's unlikely that this device will support native access to the Google Android Market, and as we have already seen with CherryPad's low-end CherryPal tablet, these cheap tablets tend to perform poorly in use. But if you want to give this whole tablet thing a try, and you only have $179, this looks like a pretty good option.