SwiftKey Predictive Text Keyboard Learns Your Lingo

SwiftKey recently introduced a new application for Android users that promises to predict your next word with "incredible accuracy." To do this, SwiftKey uses TouchType’s Fluency technology in order to predict the next word you are likely to type.

SwiftKey has been two years in the making. Now, it's available in beta version through the Android Market. According to the British start-up company TouchType, SwiftKey can increase writing speeds by up to 50% with its powerful prediction engine.

Although SwiftKey uses your own messages to help predict future text, the company assures users it does not collect personal data or log your conversations. Instead, the software "simply observes how you use individual words next to each other and builds a personal language model from this, which it stores on your phone’s SD card."

To give you a better idea how SwiftKey Beta works and how fast it can be, check out this video. We have to admit: It really does look impressive.