Swedish Firm LoJacks Employees With NFC Implants To Replace Keycards And IDs

Would you be willing to have a super-small microchip inserted into your hand, all for the sake of added convenience? To some, the mere concept might sound outlandish, and it'll undoubtedly be tough to avoid recalling certain sci-fi flicks that center around such implantable technology.

Believe it or not, microchip injections are becoming more common, and are likely to only become even more popular in the future. At the Swedish start-up hub Epicenter, the company has begun injecting microchips into its employees -- and yes, it's an opt-in procedure. 150 people have so far agreed to the body modification, simply because the equivalent of a quick piercing can open doors for you in the future. Literally.

With a microchip in hand (sorry), employees at Epicenter can open doors, order a smoothie, or operate a printer. There are no limits on how this technology can be used, and at Epicenter, it seems likely that more scenarios will creep up over time.

As you'd probably imagine (and hope), the microchip inserted into people's hands is biologically safe, and because it's passive, it'll feel no different than if you had a grain of rice under your skin. 

Microchip Employees

While having a microchip inserted into your body is going to sound foreign, there are many who are already content on this being a normal part of our future. If you think it's odd to willingly subject yourself to an itty bitty chip being installed, consider that the entire ordeal is little different than getting a piercing. The difference in this case is that you'll have a rice grain-sized piece left behind.

In medicine, countless people require very robust or exotic hardware to be installed into their bodies - such as pacemakers - so, a microchip of laughable size doesn't seem so bad, does it?

So we ask again: would you be willing to upgrade your body with a microchip, all in the quest for increased convenience?

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