Surface Laptop Windows 10 S To Windows 10 Pro Free Upgrade Offer Extended Through Q1 2018

Microsoft really wants PC users to embrace the Surface Laptop, however, the rub for some people is that it runs Windows 10 S and some want the real deal when it comes to Windows 10. To make these folks happy, Microsoft has been allowing users who like the Surface Laptop, but don't want Windows 10 S to upgrade to full Windows 10 Pro at no cost.

That upgrade normally costs $50 on other notebooks. Originally Microsoft planned to allow the free migration to Windows 10 Pro until the end of 2017, but that has changed (for the better).

windows10 pro

Microsoft is now saying that Surface Laptop owners will be able to upgrade at no cost through March 31, 2018. That means that all the folks out there hoping Santa will bring them a Surface Laptop this year will have plenty of time to migrate to Windows 10 Pro if needed.

Microsoft wrote in a blog post, "For those that find they need an application that isn’t yet available in the Store and must be installed from another source, we’re extending the ability to switch from Windows 10 S to Windows 10 Pro for free until March 31, 2018. We hope this provides increased flexibility for those people searching for the perfect back-to-school or holiday gift."

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The announcement of extended upgrade timeframe comes along with the announcement that the Surface Laptop is now available in 20 countries with multiple colors available. The countries where the Surface Laptop is now available include US, Canada, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherland, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, Taiwan, HK, China, Norway, Australia, and NZ.

Microsoft hasn't been without its issues with some Surface products, recently Consumer Reports pulled its recommended ratings for Surface Laptops and tablets. Microsoft blamed the issues with battery life and general reliability on shoddy drivers pointing a finger directly at Intel.