SuperSpeed USB 10Gbps Specification Set and Ready for Development

Things are about to get faster. The USB Promoter Group announced that it has completed the USB 3.1 specification, which will enable SuperSpeed USB performance of 10Gbps. This, of course, rivals Intel and Apple’s blazing fast 10Gbps Thunderbolt interface, and the new USB connection will make use of more efficient data encoding, and it will be compatible with earlier USB specifications (USB 3.0 and 2.0).

USB 3.1 will offer double the effective data throughput of current SuperSpeed USB offerings.

USB 3.1 specification, 10Gbps

Developers will be able to learn technical details of the new spec this summer and autumn at three developer conferences, one each in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. One will be on August 21st in Hillsboro, Oregon; one will be in Dublin on October 1st and 2nd; and the Asia conference will be somewhere not yet determined in early December.

USB 3.1 is a big deal, and when it starts showing up on consumer devices, it will be an exciting time. However, it’s worth noting that Intel has announced the development of Thunderbolt 2 technology with a new Falcon Ridge controller, which will offer up to 20Gbps of bandwidth—double that of current Thunderbolt and future USB 3.1 speeds.