Super Tiny VIA EPIA-P910 is a Pico-ITX Quad-Core PC with DX11 Graphics

VIA, evidently a believer in the philosophy that big things come in small packages, announced what it claims is the world's first quad-core pico-ITX board with 3D display capabilities. It's the VIA EPIA-P910, a pint-sized slice of silicon featuring the latest VIA VX11H MSP in combination with a VIA QuadCore E-Series processor.

"The VIA EPIA-P910 features the most advanced technology from VIA with the latest VIA VX11H MSP and VIA QuadCore E-Series processor," said Epan Wu Head of the VIA Embedded Platform Division, VIA Technologies, Inc. "It provides superior computing performance and the richest display capabilities allowing embedded system designers to innovate for immersive embedded environments."


The VIA VX11H MSP supports DirectX 11 visuals and can drive 3D stereoscopic displays. As for the CPU, it's a four-core part clocked at 1GHz. Other features include HDMI, VGA, and LVDS display connectivity; support for up to 8GB of DDR3-1333 memory; HD audio; USB 3.0 ports; and more. This all comes packed into a board that measures a scant 10cm by 7.2cm.

VIA says its newest pico-ITX embedded PC can be used in a wide array of next generation ultra-compact devices for applications in healthcare, logistics, fleet management, and other vertical market segments.