Hear Super Mario World's Soundtrack With Glorious Uncompressed Audio Thanks To Dataminers

super mario world music restored in glorious quality
Super Mario World is something of a cornerstone game that millions of players have enjoyed over the years. While it is an awesome game, it certainly had some limitations when released 30 years ago. One of these limitations was the amount of storage available, so some things like music had to be highly compressed to save space. However, some dedicated retro gaming fans and dataminers have recreated the music of Super Mario World from uncompressed audio samples.

In the modern era, we have games like Call of Duty that take up hundreds of gigabytes of storage to play, but Super Mario World could not use that much when it was released. In fact, the maximum storage in an SNES cartridge was just 4MB, which wouldn’t get you very far today. To squeeze a game into a cartridge, developers had to compress audio and other things to fit. 
What if the audio did not have to be compressed for a cartridge, though? First spotted by Chris Kohler at Digital Eclipse, a YouTube channel named The Brickster has uploaded 18 different soundtracks and audio snippets from Super Mario World. Below we have linked the most iconic of the bunch, the Overworld theme, for you to take a listen.

Wild right? Perhaps this is never what the developers intended, or it is perhaps the truest form of Super Mario World music we can have. Either way, it is interesting to listen and compare to memories of the original music in the game. In any case, did this bring back any memories or nostalgia for you? Let us know what you thought of this restored music in the comments below.