Super 3G Now Being Tested in Japan

NTT DoCoMo has just announced plans to start testing its new prototype “Super 3G” system for ultra-high speed data transfer over mobile devices. Japan’s largest mobile carrier hopes to attain a remarkable 300Mbps in its testing trials over the wireless network. Although the Super 3G system will not be implemented in Japan until at least 2009, the company has already started to take proposals from suppliers.
“The company said that it planned to start experimenting with Super 3G in an indoor setting with only one transmitting antenna and one receiving antenna. From there, NTT DoCoMo plans to expand the experiment by using four Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) antennas on both the transmitting and receiving side. The ultimate goal will be not only to achieve 300Mbps down but also to look at how well handovers will be handled between towers.”
Super 3G, aka High Speed OFDM Packet Access (HSOPA), is a technology intended to proceed after HSDPA and HSUPA. Apparently, Super 3G outperforms 3G in tests of data rates and spectrum efficiency. Those who are wondering about prospects of hitting American shores may be disappointed, for progress seems to be quite slow. Some ground has been gained on developing a national WiMAX network, but it seems to always be “just around the corner.”
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