Sungale Introduces 4.3" Kula TV Portable Media Player

Sungale isn't a popular name like Apple, Acer or Archos, but it's making a play for the portable media player market with its Kula TV. Boasting a 4.3" display, a pop-up Wi-Fi antenna and the ability to stream Internet content, this is one of the most interestingly designed PMPs that we've seen to date.

The screen is actually a touch panel, and it also includes 2GB of internal memory, but otherwise there aren't many details to go on. It will arrive in March at $199.99, presumably with support for a wide range of audio and video formats. The full press release is below.

Sungale Streamlines Kula Tv To Strengthen User Experience

Sungale redesigns portable Kula TV to include a pop up Wi-Fi Antenna for increased Wi-Fi signal strength and extreme portability.

PR Log (Press Release) – Jan 28, 2010 – Chino, CA—January 27, 2010—Sungale, a premier manufacturer of Consumer Electronics, has redesigned the recently unveiled 4.3” Kula TV model to include a pop up Wi-Fi Antenna in order to increase the strength of the Wi-Fi signal to the unit. To stay true to its promise of ultimate portability for customers on the go, Sungale has also designed the Wi-Fi antenna to refold back into the Kula TV unit for easy storage.

“The newly designed pocket sized Kula TV will enable customers to view hundreds of local and international programs from anywhere in the world using a Wi-Fi network with fewer interruptions and smoother channel displays along with the same slim design and quality that Sungale prides itself on,” said Ningjun Sun, President and CEO of Sungale. “We aim to create highly innovative products that our customers can afford and use in their daily lives”.

About the portable Kula TV

The handy 4.3” Kula TV is an ultra portable Wi-Fi Enabled TV Device that allows customers to access a large number of live streaming television programs from all over the world, organized by country, language, and topic like News, Sports and Finance without the high subscription rates. With its sleek 4.3” touch screen and slim, light weight design along with built in 2GB of internal memory, the Kula TV is the perfect mobile device for customers demanding 24 hour access to live broadcasting as well as a PMP that can play and store music, movies and photos.

The portable Kula TV is scheduled to arrive in early March at an MSRP of $199.99.