Sun Buys Montalvo

We reported earlier this year about Montalvo systems and their mysterious low-power chips.  At the time we wondered if their coyness with details was because they faced some stiff opposition from major players in the chip industry, but now it appears that it may because they were looking for a buyer.  Oddly enough it didn't end up being any of the usual suspect, but Sun who turned out to be that buyer:

Sun Microsystems is buying the technical assets of Montalvo Systems, a semiconductor company that was looking to break into the x86 market against the likes of Intel and Advanced Micro Devices.

In a statement, a Sun spokesperson said the company completed the acquisition of Montalvo April 21, although the announcement was not made until April 24.  Terms of the deal were not disclosed because the acquisition was “not material with respect to Sun's earnings per share,” according to the statement.

The assets of the Montalvo purchase will be integrated into the Microelectronics business unit.
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