Summer Slow Down Or A Prelude Of Things To Come - AMD Sales Slide

AMD head honcho, Hector Ruiz reported late last week that sales have begun to soften for the company known as "David" to Intel's "Goliath" legacy.

"...The question now is whether this is part of a seasonal slide--the second quarter is traditionally weak for semiconductor companies--or the effect of a nasty price war initiated by chip king Intel after AMD began to eat into its market share. Investors, who earlier in the year flocked to AMD, no longer seem interested in sticking around to find out how the story plays out. "

At this point, we think it's too early to say whether or not some of this is related to the speculation that Intel will have significantly stronger quarters once Core 2 Duo for the Desktop ships in volume in the next few months.  Regardless, it's hard not to see the connection in some way, shape or form.

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