Sub-$300 Laptop

It appears that a few major players such as Google, Everex and gOS are collaborating again, this time on a follow-up to their sub-$200 PC: a sub-$300 Laptop.

We're not expecting the laptop to be the fastest thing out there, but for frugal shoppers it could represent quite a bargain.  Perhaps this could even start a new trend and usher in an era of Linux, at least that's what some of the people behind the project are hoping for:

“The founder of gOS, David Liu, has been quoted in news media as saying his company intends to do for Linux what Steve Jobs did for the Mac OS -- create an alternative OS that is packaged for the consumer. The gOS focus is to offer Linux-based computers that use familiar Google applications, and, with the Enlightenment interface, are easy to use.

Everex said that the notebooks will come out in the first half of 2008, but hardware and other specs on the laptop were not available.”

We've been holding our breath for a Nanobook ever since we saw one in action earlier this year, but at about half the price (and with the excuse to play around with Linux), we might just exhale...maybe...
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