Study Claims iPhone 5 Trails Galaxy S4 Regarding User Complaints

For as long as the iPhone has existed, the general consensus seemed to be that it was a smartphone that could do no wrong. Of all the iPhone owners I know, only one of them has anything bad to say about their device. On the Android side, there are many more complaints, but that's of no surprise given the number of different models available.

Although there are always going to be complaints about a device from someone, regardless of how good it is, the iPhone's reputation has always been good. Until the iPhone 5 launch, that is. It was at this point that for the first time ever, I began to see that even the most rabid "fanboi" won't keep shut about issues if it impacts them. Who can forget the Apple Maps fiasco? That one issue alone became such a hot topic that it eventually evolved into a meme. Also for that launch, many were displeased about Apple's decision to introduce yet another proprietary adapter, Lightning.

Apple iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4

According to social research firm We Are Social, Apple's problems didn't bode well for its latest iPhone, especially in comparison to one of its biggest competitors, the Samsung Galaxy S4. This firm scours the Internet to gather data summing up public opinion, and where the iPhone 5 was concerned, 20% of comments found had a negative vibe, while that number sits at a much more attractive 11% for Samsung.

Samsung's blessing comes in the form of a lack of launch issues. Had the iPhone 5 launched without the two biggest issues mentioned above, it seems highly likely that these numbers would have been about even. After all, the iPhone 5 does bring a lot of good to the table, such as an improved screen and faster processor. It'd be interesting to see a follow-up to this once the iPhone 5S launches - hopefully without launch niggles.