Struggling Device Maker HTC Says Monthly Android Security Updates Are ‘Unrealistic’

HTC President Jason Mackenzie shed some light on why his company is not committing to monthly security updates for Android like Google, LG, and Samsung all do. According to Mackenzie, a monthly release schedule is simply "not realistic," not when HTC has to go through the process of receiving approval from wireless carriers each time it doles out an update.

Mackenzie stated as much on Twitter in response to a user asking why HTC wasn't following in the footsteps of other phone makers who have promised monthly security updates. He explained that "in order to push an update you have to get carrier approval," the presumption being that it would be a drain on company resources to do that for every supported device with every wireless carrier.

HTC Phone

Mackenzie's explanation didn't sit well with others who jumped into the Twitter discussion. Another user pointed out that it's not likely Samsung and LG would commit to something that's unrealistic, yet both have promised monthly security updates for Android.

"Let's see. HTC is leading in terms of transparency on updates and providing them. And we will continue to improve," Mackenize countered.

Samsung, Google, and LG all announced monthly security updates after a texting exploit called Stagefright came to light. The exploit was said to affect 95 percent of all Android devices. More recently, security researchers have warned about Stagefright 2.0, which takes advantage of two vulnerabilities in Android and could affect as many as a billion devices.