Street Fighter V To Publicly Brand Gutless Rage Quitters With Skull Icon

Street Fighter V Ryu

Capcom is taking a page from the Puritan authorities in The Scarlet Letter, only instead of forcing adulterers to wear the letter "A" as punishment for their wicked ways, the developer is going going to brand rage quitters in Street Fighter V with a skull icon. These badges of shame will appear in the profiles of players who frequently disconnect from network matches, making it easier to avoid going into fisticuffs with someone who has a higher probability of quitting when on the verge of defeat.

The practice of rage quitting has been a problem in Street Fighter Vi since it was released. Capcom has been taking measures to thwart the annoying behavior. It announced back in March of this year that it would dock League Points from those it identifies as being rage quitters, which in turn would drop their Rank. Any accounts receive the infraction are monitored for "further action."

Street Fighter V

Some users complained at the time that the punishment wasn't severe enough. Capcom is hoping that public shaming, along with docking League Points and issuing temporary matching restrictions will help get a handle on the situation and ultimately serve as a deterrent. Likewise, gamers who never quit a match will receive a special icon as well (not a skull).

Capcom's next move was discovered when a new test branch for the PC version of Street Fighter V went live on Steam without a password. Steam users took screenshots and extracted as much information as possible before it could be pulled. one of the slides addressed the practice of disconnecting during a network match.

"Penalties will be incurred for disconnecting during a network match, including LP reduction and temporary matchmaking restrictions. Also, special icons will be displayed on the Fighter profiles of players who frequently disconnect, as well as those who never do, making it easier for players with the same icon to battle against each other," one of the slides states.

It appears as though Capcom is also working on the ability to let users change the music that plays during battle, as well as adjust battle BGM settings. It is not known exactly when these new policies and setting will go into effect.