StoraDrive Keeps Your Old HDD Safe, Secure And Static-Free

It's a drawer. It's an external hard drive enclosure. It's a plane. No, it's a StoraDrive! NewerTech has just announced one of the most unique, office-friendly products the storage market has ever seen, with the StoraDrive finally ditching the wild, nerdy chassis that most external enclosures have and utilizing something much more subtle and suitable for desk placement.

The main purpose for this device is to keep your old drives around, but in a safe location, just in case you end up needing more storage in the future. This unit has a stackable drawer with an anti-static enclosure for 3.5" HDDs, and the cases come with two drawers that can be built upon. Each have labels for archive purposes, and they're made from injection molded ABS plastic.

Unfortunately, no ports or chipsets are included, so you can't use this as an external hard drive enclosure, but it's probably the safest and classiest way to store your old platters that we've seen. It's the new bookcase--better get used to it. Each StoraDrive is just $9.99.