Steve Wozniak To Be Fusion-io's Chief Scientist

Steve Wozniak, the Segway-riding co-founder of Apple, has found himself deeply entangled in yet another company other than the Cupertino powerhouse that he helped build. Just 1.5 years after Woz decided to back a startup dubbed Hotswap, the technophile has decided to accept a new role at storage specialist Fusion-io.

Said firm, which is based in Salt Lake City, Utah, is expected to announce this week that Steve will become Fusion-io's chief scientist. Granted, Mr. Wozniak is already a member of the company's advisory board, but with his new label, you can bet he'll be responsible for doing a bit more than simply turning his thumb up or down to any given idea. Steve's thoughts on the new role? To quote: "I have a pretty quiet life, and I like to watch technology evolve. In this case, I like the people and the product, and said I would like some greater involvement."

For those unaware, Fusion-io currently dabbles in all manners of high-speed storage, particularly in blazing fast SSD apparatuses and lightning quick flash memory. It's not entirely clear what bullet points Woz will be accountable for in his new corner office, but we'd bet the words "fast," "faster" and "cheaper" are sprinkled about quite liberally in the job description.