Steve Jobs: The iPhone Was Born From The iPad, Not Vice-Versa

No one can ever debate the significance of the iPhone. It has changed society, it has changed the smartphone landscape, and it has changed the expectations of people when dealing with technology in general. Regardless of whether you personally dig the iPhone or not, there's little doubt that it's a game changer. But did you know that the iPad, which has sold 2 million units but still can't claim to have changed the world quite yet, had more to do with the iPhone than vice-versa?

It's a pretty crazy thought, but according to Apple's own CEO, it's a true story. The iPad idea actually came first, with the iPhone concept simply growing from that. Chicken before the egg? Maybe, but on another train of thought, this really makes sense. During the eighth annual All Things Digital conference in California this week, Steve Jobs took the stage for an interview--one that was highly anticipated in the wake of the Foxconn events and the iPhone 4G leak. The questions were varied, and Jobs touched on quite a wide array of topics. But one thing he said really surprised us: the idea for the iPad was first at Apple, and the iPhone was second. Of course, they came to market in the opposite order, but that's the truth from the man himself.

Jobs said that Apple had an idea for getting rid of the keyboard and going to a multi-touch display in the early 2000s, and when a mockup of a tablet was delivered to him, he stated: "My God, we can build a phone out of this." And that's how it all began. A tablet brought about an idea for a phone, and the iPhone came about long before the iPad ever saw the light of day. This may explain, however, the rumors of an Apple tablet that went back many, many years. The fact is that there was a concept tablet or two floating around Apple's campus well before the iPhone came to light, but it was put on the shelf for awhile during which Apple focused their resources on perfecting a phone.

So, on that note, does anyone have any guesses as to what wild product Apple will introduce five years from now? We bet there's a crazy story already in the works.