Steve Jobs Heart Attack Hoax, Take 2

Wired's public upload image viewer, which generates a page containing an image you upload under a Wired logo banner, was hacked to produce an official-looking page that seemed to indicate Steve Jobs had suffered a heart attack (if you ignore all the grammar and spelling errors, that is).

You'll recall that last year someone posted a fake story about a Steve Jobs heart attack on iReport, CNN's social news site.

It's hard to believe anyone fell for this, based on how poorly the story was written:
  • Steve Jobs in has had a cardiac arrest
  • a sombre mood surrounding sever of the Apple board
  • Paulo Alto
  • Ambulence

Sheesh. Since the person had to go through the trouble of creating an image that looked to be a 3 paragraph story, we have to ask him or her: don't you have anything better to do? Or perhaps it's about one of two things: trying to short Apple stock, or just trying to shaft Apple investors?

We have admit: they are certainly trying hard to give us all heart attacks!