Stephen Wolfram’s Latest Project Uses Advanced AI To Make Sense Of Your Photos

We may not have even hit the middle of 2015 yet, but it seems certain that one of the most-used tech buzzwords of the year is going to be "machine learning". While the idea behind getting computers to teach themselves is nothing new, the focus on it has been recently amplified. At March's GPU Technology Conference, NVIDIA spent a lot of time talking about machine learning, and since then, both Amazon and Microsoft have talked it up, as well.

Now, it's Wolfram Alpha's turn. In a new blog post, company founder Stephen Wolfram touts a new feature that he's waited many decades for. It's called ImageIdentify, and it's designed to tell you exactly what you're looking at. Feed it a picture of a cheetah? It will tell you that it's a cheetah - not a jaguar, cougar, tiger, and so forth.

ImageIdentify Armadillo

It's not perfect, of course, but as machine learning evolves, it'll continue to get better and better.

Not only does the project tell you what you're looking at, it will be a little more specific in certain cases. If you toss in a picture of Alan Turing, for example, it'll say that the picture is of a "person", but also fine-tune it to say who it is. Further, some details about the picture can be displayed as well.

You can head here if you want to give Wolfram's ImageIdentify a try, or if you're a developer who would like to make use of the technology, you can read about it here.