Steiger Dynamics Shows Off Classy LEET Monochrome Limited Edition Gaming PC

Stumbled upon a bit of free cash? Looking to replace that aging gaming PC? Not up to building a DIY rig yourself? If you've managed to answer "yes" to all three, Steiger Dynamics has a machine that you should ponder. The custom PC builder has just unleashed the LEET Monochrome, a limited edition gaming / home theater PC, and it's a looker. Black and white interior components, such as radiators, a Blu-ray drive, pump, fittings, etc., set things off quite nicely.

There's a white sleeved power supply and SATA cables, and honestly, the whole thing looks so classy that we'd be hard-pressed to ever cover it up. Those who buy in will receive the latest NVIDIA bundle game (though specifics aren't listed), and if you're hungry for specifications, listen up. There's the choice of Intel's newest 4th-gen Core i7 CPU (overclocked as high as 5GHz), 2x NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN's (in SLI mode), 4K playback support, up to 64GB of Corsair memory, Samsung SSDs and up to 16TB of HDD space for archiving.

Exact pricing depends on how you configure things, but rest assured that it won't be an impulse buy.