SteelSeries Introduces Mechanical 6Gv2 Gaming Keyboard

If you follow us around here, you'll know that we love mechanical key switch keyboards. These kinds of keyboards are extremely rare compared to the more conventional boards, and they're generally better built and able to withstand more key presses of the life of the device. Most people don't type enough or care enough about their typing experience to scout out one of these, but if you are, SteelSeries has a new board with your name on it.

The company's newest gaming keyboard is modeled after the SteelSeries 7G, and the new 6Gv2 has been designed with 18-karat gold-plated mechanical switches for gamers who care deeply about the quality of their input devices. The company promises to offer quicker reaction times and advanced key combinations for more Actions Per Minute and a lifetime more than 10 times that of conventional keyboards.

As with the 7G, this keyboard also utilizes a powerful buffer-system created specifically for gaming, supporting as many simultaneous key presses as there are keys on the keyboard. This type of "anti-ghosting" was also found on Microsoft's most recent keyboard, and it enables gamers to mash a whole pile of keys at the same time without having any "duds." It'll also utilize the company's Media Controls (for quick access to volume, mute and other audio controls), but you won't find two USB ports or audio in/out ports like you will in the 7G.

The SteelSeries 6Gv2 keyboard retails for EUR 79.99 and will be available in Q2 2010.