Steam Summer 2018 Sale Going On Now, Score Sizzling Discounts On Hot Game Titles

Steam Summer Sale 2018
The kids are out of school and the weather is trending towards scorching hot (depending on where you live), and that can mean only one thing—summer has officially begun! That alone isn't reason for excitement though. Sure, we're stoked about getting outside and catching some rays, but we're equally excited that Valve has kicked off its Steam Summer Sale 2018, an annual bonanza of bargains on games and even some hardware.

We readily admit we'll never get around to playing every game in our library to their entirety, but with so many tantalizing discounts, it's difficult to sit on the sidelines and watch Steam's various sales go by, particularly this one. You can take your time, though—the Steam sale is a two-week event, running up until July 5 at precisely 10 AM Pacific (1 PM Eastern).

As is often the case, Valve has a theme in place for its Summer Sale, with trading cards and free games up for grabs. Officially, the event is called 'The Steam Intergalactic Summer Sale', with a Summer Saliens Game you can play to unlock free titles.

"Along with the sale is the Summer Saliens Game. Team up with other Saliens to fight The Duldrumz on different planets and free the abducted games. Gain XP as you battle, level up, unlock new abilities, and win cosmetic items to deck out your Salien. Plus, get Summer Sale Trading Cards just for playing," Valve explains.


We're more about the discounts, and each day brings a series of highlighted deals. Here are some discounts worth checking out:
Steam Link

You can also score savings of up to 95 percent on some of Valve's hardware products. Specifically, the Steam Link is going for a ridiculously low $2.50 (down from $49.99), and the Steam Controller can be had for $33.49 (down from $49.99). Or you can grab them both in a bundle for $34.19 (down from $99.98). Valve is also selling a variety of skins for both products, marked down from $9.99 to just $1 each.

Head over to Steam to view the full lineup of deals, with discounts on more than 10,000 games. If you find something good, let us know in the comments section below!