Valve's Steam Summer Sale 2019 Start Date Revealed In Fresh Leak

One of the definite perks of gaming on PC is that adding to your catalog of games is potentially less expensive than it is on console. Frequent sales on Steam lessen the hit to your wallet or purse, or at least you can snag more for your money. So with that in mind, when is the next sale? The annual Steam Summer Sale is tipped to begin on June 25.

For gamers like myself, that means yet another opportunity to add more titles to my library, in hopes of someday being able to actually have time to play them all. Deep discounts are sometimes too good to pass up, even though I know in the back of my mind that the game in question will sit in my library, untouched like a mint collectible comic book or rookie Michael Jordan card.

The difference is, these games don't go up in value. Still, it's a desirable plight in the grand scheme of things, and it's not one that console gamers get to experience in the same fashion, or frequency.
As to the upcoming Steam Summer Sale 2019, the dates leaked over at SteamCN, which were then posted to Twitter by Steam Database (@SteamDB). We have to use the term 'leak' loosely, though—it's not as though Valve is super protective of this sort of thing.

The sale begins on June 25 at precisely 10:00 am PT and lasts two weeks. That means you have to wait around a month and a half before those discounts flood your Steam page.

Until then, you can flesh out your wish list, and then buy the games when the time comes. Maybe you want to catch up on the Far Cry series. If you are into old school adventure games of the point-n-click variety, I highly recommend Thimbleweed Park, an excellent title developed by Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick, the renowned co-designers of Maniac Mansion.

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