Steam Summer Getaway Sale Launches with Big Discounts on Popular PC Games

If you’ve been waiting for the right time to pick up Bioshock Infinite, that time has come. Valve just launched the Steam Summer Getaway Sale, which features 12 days of massive discounts on game titles big and small. Valve likes to kick off the Summer Sale with a big discount on a particularly big title, and this year is no different: Bioshock Infinite is on sale for half off at $29.99.

The Bioshock sale is the first of many Daily Deals, which runs for only 24 hours. And now that Steam Trading Cards are available, certain titles include them to beef up the deals. The cards are unique, so you’ll need to buy games on sale to get them. If you’re a bargain hunter, you’ll want to keep an eye on the Steam Store for the Flash Sales, which run for eight hours and have massively slashed prices. As of this writing, Dragon Age Origins Ultimate Edition is 70% off. Interestingly, Steam lets gamers pick many of the sales – if you have a game in mind, check out the Community’s Choice section and cast a vote.

The Steam website appears to be experiencing heavy traffic right now and is occasionally throwing up the white flag, but don’t panic if you’re having trouble accessing the site or reading this at work – the Summer Getaway sale goes until July 22.