Steam Community Game Hub Brings Out User-Created Content and Rating System

Valve, maker of Steam, has been making some calculated moves, including bringing some non-gaming software titles to the cloud-based gaming platform, and now the company is rolling out big changes to its Steam Community.

In fact, there will be a new feature previewed each day this week (except Friday). Today’s announcement concerns Game Hubs. Each gaming title on Steam will get a Game Hub, which will include “collections of game-centric discussions, workshop items, user-created screenshots, videos, and news”. The content will be a combination of official Steam items and user-created posts. Users can rate everything, so only the best stuff rises to the top. Further, the Game Hub allows users to chit-chat about a given game right there, instead of having to zip over to the Steam Forums.

Steam Community Game Hubs

Stay tuned for the announcements on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. (Valve, you have some clever PR people over there.)
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