Steam Celebrates May The Fourth Be With You Star Wars Day With Galactic Size Game Discounts

Want to play a fun drinking game? Take a shot of your favorite spirit every time you see a May the Fourth post referencing Star Wars Day on Facebook, just don't plan on going to work tomorrow, you're going to be hungover. Or you could call in sick to work to play all the discounted Star Wars games you bought from Steam!

These aren't bite-size discounts, either. Steam busted out its big boy/girl lightsaber and sliced prices on dozens of Star Wars games, marking them down by as much as 77 percent in some cases. That includes the Stars Wars Collection, a bundle of two dozen titles with gems like Jedi Knight Dark Forces, Jedi Knight II Jedi Outcast, and Knights of the Old Republic all for $23, down from $100.

Star Wars Steam Sale

Steam is offering several Star Wars collections and bundles, such as the X-Wing Bundle ($18, down from $30) and the Lucasarts Jedi Knight Bundle ($5, down from $20), though you can buy individual games at a discount, too. You'll save more by going with a bundle, as Steam slashes the price even further. For example, if you were to purchase every game in the Stars Wars Collection separately, you'd spend $40.11.

Some of the discounted games are older, dating as far back as 1999. It's a great way to experience classics you might have missed or get a dose of nostalgia for not a lot of skrilla. There's a wide variety of games, too, so whether you're in the mood for some lighthearted Lego action or want or want to blow things up in space, Steam has you covered.

You can browse the discounted Star Wars games on Steam here. The sale runs until May 9.