Stealth's NW-2000 Notebook/Tablet Can Take A Beating

Last we heard from Stealth Computer, it was gettin' down with its very own Core 2 Duo-equipped mini PC. Now, the company is back to doing what it does best: rugged. The all new Stealth NW-2000 Rugged PC isn't for the faint of heart nor those without a degree in weightlifting, but if you're looking for a new machine to withstand scenarios only found in the Rambo series, this probably fits the bill.

The dual-mode machine can easily convert from a traditional notebook to a tablet PC (and back again), with the display supporting touch input for in-the-field doodling. Naturally, the NW-2000 rugged mobile machine meets Military Standard MIL-810F specifications for shock and vibration. The whole machine is encapsulated in a magnesium alloy chassis with built-in protective doors for all I/O ports, and the IP54/NEMA13 environmental protection provides a degree of defense in adverse operating conditions with protection from lint, dust and the spraying of water.

As for specifications, the highly durable, super heavy machine checks in with a 13.3" WXGA LCD (sunlight viewable), a backlit/spill-resistant 86-key keyboard, shock mounted removable hard drive, fingerprint recognition security and a TPM module. There's also integrated Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet and 56k modem, not to mention a 1.06GHz Core 2 Duo CPU, 2GB of DDR2-667 RAM, a DVD burner, a battery good for around 6 hours of use and Windows XP/Vista. Of course, it tips the scales at just north of nine pounds, so we hope your back is well prepared for the load.

We hope your wallet is ready to take a beating in order to procure a machine that'll do the same, as this thing starts at $4,895. Looks like it's this or a fully loaded 17" Alienware M17x. Oh, what to do?