Start-Up Vsenn Emerges From Stealth With Project Ara Modular Phone Competitor

When Phonebloks visionary Dave Hakkens began evangelizing the idea of a modular phone with interchangeable components, many scoffed at the idea saying it couldn't be done or wasn't commercially feasible, that is until Google stepped up and backed a team of engineers for Project Ara. Ultimately, Project Ara's proof of concept efforts bore fruit and the vision is quickly becoming reality, now with apparently new competitors entering the fray. A start-up company by the name of Vsenn has come out of cover to disclose it's intention to start a "smartphone evolution" and it also turns out that company has been co-founded by a former Nokia Android X Program Manager, according to the tease at their web site. Of course Android X was short-lived once Microsoft got their hooks into Nokia.

Vsenn's Twitter account has been pretty active as well, citing specifics of their forthcoming device that is claimed to have a 4.7-inch display with a nice tight 468.7 PPI pixel density, among other tight dimension specs.
 Vsenn Modular Smartphone

Reportedly, Vsenn's PR Manager, Helder Vicente, noted that more details on the company, the device and the former Nokia Android X exec who helped found the company, will be forthcoming next week. The company also makes some lofty promises and sets big goals on their site, noting not only modular hardware design but "guaranteed updates, maximum security and customizable looks."  From encryption to secure VPN cloud services and back covers that are easily changed out, Vsenn seems to be targeting not only "Phonebloks-style" modularity and customizations like Project Ara but also some of the secure device and communication hot buttons that both Apple and Google have been vocal on as of late.

Project Ara Concept Prototype

It's easy to see the allure of a modular, upgradable phone.  Power users and enthusiasts will come out in droves for designs and products done right with this innovative design approach. Not to mention the open source community that will embrace the intrinsic customizable features of such a device; cooking up ROMs and overclocking maybe?

The technology could easily be very disruptive in the market and prove to be a proverbial game-changer if either Google or companies like Vsenn can pull it off. But again, it's a tall order and with Vsenn's lofty goals and claims, they'll be a player to watch and stay close with for sure. We'll learn more next week and will follow-up with a report when we do.