StarCraft II: Wings Of Liberty Is Now Free-To-Play, Here’s How To Get It

StarCraft fans now have a free to play version of the popular Blizzard game StarCraft II. Blizzard announced that StarCraft II would go free-to-play back during BlizzCon and as of yesterday that game has debuted at no cost. If you want to get in on the free gaming action, this is how you do it.

  • You need a compatible computer running either Windows or Mac OS.
  • You will need a account. If you have one you are golden, otherwise you need to create one here. You can sign up using your Facebook account.
  • Hit up the Shop and look for the StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty landing page.
  • On that landing page, click Play for Free, and after the redirect look for StarCraft II and choose your OS when prompted. The installer will then download automatically.
  • Once the game downloads, you are ready to play.

After you get the game is downloaded, you are ready for some fun. What you are getting for free is the full Wings of Liberty single-player campaign. The other campaigns (Heart of the Swarm, Legacy of the Void, and Nova Covert Ops) aren't included. You do have the option to purchase these at $14.99 each or $39.99 for the bundle.

Blizzard also has something for the folks who already own Wings of Liberty, so they don't feel left out. If you already own the game, you can get a digital copy of Heart of the Swarm for free. You must log in between November 8 and December 8 to claim that free campaign.

Players of the free Wings of Liberty game will have access to all multiplayer units in Unranked Multiplayer and Custom Games. You can participate in Ranked multiplayer, with a caveat. You must first complete ten "First Wins of the Day" in unranked or versus AI matches before getting in on Ranked Multiplayer.

The free-to-play game also includes Co-op mode with Co-op commanders Raynor, Kerrigan, and Artanis being free to as high a rank as you want. The other commanders are only free up to level 5. The original StarCraft game has been free since April if StarCraft II isn't your style.