Starbucks Stores In Silicon Valley To Receive Powermat Charging Stations

Wireless charging hasn't exactly taken the world by storm, by almost any measure you look at. That said, there's still hope for the technology, but it will likely require less expensive components, more powerful capabilities (wirelessly powering a TV or laptop, for example), and greater corporate support. The tech is getting precisely that with a new agreement between Duracell and Starbucks.

The two have ironed out a deal that will see Powermat charging pads placed at a number of highly visited Starbucks locations in the Silicon Valley area -- an area that's teeming with consumers who actually would be likely to give wireless charging a go. This particular trial is following what's said to be "a successful test" in the Boston area.

Wireless charging at Starbucks will comply with the Power Matters Alliance (PMA) standard, and considering that Starbucks already offers gratis Wi-Fi, it'll likely go over well with those who prefer to come sit a spell and get some work done. Trouble is, who beyond coffee shops is going to invest in these things?