Sprint's October "Strategy Update" Could Mean 4G Announcements

With all this talk surrounding the proposed AT&T / T-Mobile USA merger, it leaves Sprint in a weird place. Verizon Wireless already has a commanding share of America's CDMA market, and after scooping up Alltel, they aren't really in any major need for millions of new subscribers. But Sprint? Well, Sprint has exactly been having the best quarters of their lives in recent years, and while things aren't "dire" by any means, the carrier is probably thinking long and hard about their strategy should this AT&T / T-Mobile thing go through.

And it appears that they want to share that strategy with the public. The company has revealed that on October 7th, they will host a Strategy Update panel at the Hilton Hotel in NYC. The only thing on the agenda is "Presentations by Senior Management," followed by a "Q&A session." We aren't told how long either will last, but given that the event stretches from 9:30am to 1:00pm, quite a bit must be on the table.

Rumors have flared in recent months surrounding the possibility of Sprint buying Clearwire outright, and Clearwire recently made known that they will be approaching LTE-Advanced in the coming months. LightSquared also signed a deal with Sprint; perhaps this is more on that? Only time will tell, but with Sprint making such a big deal out of this, we'll probably be tuning it to see what they have to say.
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