Sprint Won't Carry 4G WiMAX Model Of RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook

Unfortunate news for RIM: while sales of the PlayBook tablet haven't been nearly as brisk as some other competitors out there, it looks like Sprint won't be investing time and effort into pushing the 4G WiMAX version on their store shelves. That means that only the Wi-Fi model will remain, with no 4G edition at all to speak of.

The news is coming from a Wall Street Journal report on the matter, and while Sprint insists that this won't have an impact on the carrier's relationship with RIM, it can't make the folks in Waterloo feel nice and cozy. The BlackBerry brand has been hammered of late, and with this news, it means that the PlayBook lacks support from any of the three biggest American wireless carriers. It will be mighty tough for RIM to push the Playbook on its own merit while a horde of Android-based and iPad tablets are flourishing elsewhere.