Sprint Won't Be Launching More WiMAX Devices

Once a champion of WiMAX technology, Sprint is quickly doing its best to forget it ever happened. Despite launching a number of successful smartphones with WiMAX radios, it didn't take long for LTE to become the clear winner in the 4G race. Sure enough, Sprint's 4G partner (Clearwire) has announced that LTE and LTE-Advanced is the technology it'll be embracing in the future, leaving the future of WiMAX very bleak in the States. In fact, Sprint won't even be selling WiMAX devices in the near future.

Speaking at the Competitive Carriers Global Expo in Florida, Bob Azzi, senior vice president of networks at Sprint, stated that Sprint will not seek to launch more WiMAX products, even though they saw success with items like the HTC Evo. Instead, they'll focus on Network Vision and LTE, and there have already been clear signs pointing to a Sprint Galaxy Nexus with LTE. The company will be repurposing its networks for use with remaining waves that are supported, but no further details were shared on a definite Sprint LTE rollout.

So long, WiMAX -- it was fun while it lasted.
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