Sprint Will Offer No-Contract Wireless Service Starting 1/25

Sprint's network is used by a wide variety of MVNOs across America, but perhaps there's something to be said about keeping the Sprint branding. Reportedly, the carrier will launch its own Sprint-branded prepaid service starting on 1/25, which will bring a familiar list of services: unlimited text, talk, and data on both featurephones and smartphones. Best of all? Sprint doesn't plan to throttle or limit data usage. That means that Sprint will soon be one of the only carriers in America to offer truly prepaid service with unlimited data that's as close to unlimited as possible. Yes, there will probably be some fine print that prevents you from using over 5GB on a regular basis, but still -- it's a fairly bold move and may even undercut some of Sprint's partners that use its network to sell prepaid services.

To start, the Samsung Victory (an Android-based handset) will support Sprint's LTE network. In sum, Sprint will offer four prepaid phones to start, including the $150 LG Optimus Elite and the $250 Victory. Essentially, it'll give longtime Sprint users the ability to grab a prepaid, no-contract option to carrier they're already familiar with, with minimal inconveniences in billing.