Sprint Waiving Late Fees, Overage Charges For Affected Joplin, MO Residents

We'll hand it to the major U.S. Carriers; for as much flack as they take on a daily basis, they have done a commendable job responding to disasters. Months back, all four of the major operators allowed Americans to phone Japan for free in the wake of the Japanese earthquake and resulting tsunami, and now Sprint is doing something similar for a disaster here at home.

The tornadoes that have ripped through the south have destroyed many lives, and the EF-5 that slammed Joplin, Missouri is amongst the worst. In order to give just a little bit back to a broken community, Sprint has announced that they'll be waiving overage charges, late fees, and roaming fees for Joplin residents who were affected by the recent storms.

We suspect the other carriers will follow suit shortly, and hopefully this is just the first of many helpful tidbits to surface surrounding the aid of Joplin. It's a rough situation down there, and it's good to hear tech companies doing even something as seemingly minor as this to make life a tiny bit easier for those affected.