Sprint Tweaks iPhone For Life Plan, Offers A New Handset Every 12 Months

As the wireless wars heat up, Sprint continues to modify its plans in hopes to offer customers the best deal around. Sprint has been especially aggressive in trying to attract iPhone customers with special plans, including a lease option starting at $30 per month in which you would be eligible to trade up to a new iPhone model every two years. Starting November 14, Sprint will offer customers the same deal, but bump up the upgrade eligibility to every 12 months.

"Consumers have told us they want the best value and the ability to upgrade their devices every year," said Marcelo Claure, Sprint CEO. "Sprint delivers with its new 12-month lease offer, allowing customers to upgrade to the latest iPhone every year. The iPhone for Life Plan gives customers the lowest monthly cost in the industry for acquiring an iPhone. We are making it easy and affordable for consumers to get what they want."

Sprint Store
Image Source: Flickr (Mike Mozart)

While still a bit pricey for the average Joe, this is turning into a pretty attractive deal for frequent upgraders, at least for those who are fans of iPhone handsets. Customers who choose the 12-month lease option will pay $30 per month for the iPhone 6 16GB or $35 per month for the iPhone 6 Plus 16GB. For each phone, add another $5 dollars for each bump in storage capacity (for example, an iPhone 6 64GB is $35 per month and the iPhone 6 Plus 64GB is $40 per month).

Starting November 14, customers can also lease an iPhone 5S starting at $18 per month, though the lease period is 24 months instead of 12 months.