Sprint Serves Up Monthly Protection Plan for Your Netbook and Other Mobile Gear

Without protection, your little 'oopsy' can turn into a costly mistake, that is unless you can take a mulligan. Settle down happy parents, we're not talking about accidental procreation, but precious electronics gear. Bad things happen to good electronics, and rather than be bilked by Best Buy or some other retailer offering a pricey warranty extension, Sprint hopes you'll opt for the wireless carrier's new custom protection plan.

Sprint's Assurant Advanced Protection pack runs $13/month and provides a safety net of sorts should your netbook, notebook, or tablet suffer a mechanical or electrical breakdown, or become accidentally damaged, lost, or stolen. It also includes "features to help customers safeguard their devices. These features include a tool to locate a lost device, dedicated technical support with remote login, virus defense, data back-up of contacts, photos and media, and three months of credit monitoring if the device is lost or stolen. Customers may enroll in the program when they activate a new device on a Sprint data plan, or within 30 days of the new activation or new equipment purchase."

There's a $100 deductible if your item is lost, stolen, or accidentally damaged, and the number of items it covers is limited (Dell Inspiron Mini 1012 Netbook, HTC Evo View Tablet, Dell Inspiron Mini 10, Samsung Galaxy Tablet, Dell Inspiron 11Z). But hey, if you own one of those devices and $13 sounds like a fair deal, you can register (and read all the fine print) here.