Sprint Ribs T-Mobile With Unlimited Freedom Premium Plan And HD Video Streaming

Sprint just announced Unlimited Freedom Premium, the sister plan to their recently-launched Unlimited Freedom. The plan is targeted at customers who want to stream videos, music and games at a higher resolution. Unlimited Freedom Premium is intentionally supposed to undercut T-Mobile.

Sprint’s Unlimited Freedom Premium plan offers high resolution streaming for $80 USD a month for one user or $140 a month for two. The plan provides HD streaming for videos at up to 1080p, HD music streaming at up to 1.5 Mbps, and gaming streaming at up to 8 Mbps. Unlimited talk and text are included. The deal is available for both existing and new customers. According to Sprint, its is the only carrier “to offer customers clear, simple and worry-free options and solutions for their wireless needs at unbeatable prices.”

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The plan is currently the biggest bang for your buck. T-Mobile offers unlimited HD streaming, up to 4K, for $175 a month for two lines and $95 a month for one line. It does not include unlimited streaming for music or gaming.

The release of the Unlimited Freedom Premium plan comes on the heels of a nasty spat between Sprint and T-Mobile. Sprint accused T-Mobile of copying its Unlimited Freedom Plan. Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure remarked last week, “We started testing this a week ago. We were going to start tomorrow. What John did (the CEO of T-Mbole), unfortunately, is he basically copied our rate plans and called for an emergency press release and he's not even ready to launch until September 6...Sorry, to me, that's a con artist.”

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From now until October 31st, 2016, customers can get Unlimited Freedom Premium for free, when they sign-up for Unlimited Freedom. A family of four can get Unlimited Freedom for $160 USD a month and different family members can upgrade to Unlimited Freedom Premium. There are also Unlimited Freedom plans for small business owners.