Sprint Pushing LTE To 20 More Cities In The Coming Months

It took Sprint a long time, and WiMAX will forever be remembered as a sore first shot at introducing true 4G to America, but the carrier is finally getting around to pushing LTE to the masses. The company, which is in talks with SoftBank for a possible tie-up, will be launching 4G LTE in 20 new cities "in the coming months." San Francisco, Fort Wayne, Sarasota and South Bend are some of the larger areas, with quite a few mid-markets listed as well. During the pre-launch phase, Sprint customers with capable devices may begin to see 4G LTE coverage in these areas and are welcome to use the network even before it officially launches. Sprint plans to announce commercial availability of 4G LTE in these cities in the coming months, followed by continued enhancements in coverage, performance and reliability. Ultimately, Sprint's 4G LTE coverage is expected to largely match the existing nationwide 3G footprint. Of course, only time will tell if it'll get to complete the rollout before SoftBank gets its hands into the mix...

Tags:  LTE, Sprint, WiMAX
Via:  Sprint
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