Sprint Pushing Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) To EVO LTE Smartphones

When it comes to Android updates, it sure feels as if the carriers get in the way. While unlocked, pure Google ("Nexus") devices seem to see updates nearly as quickly as Google finishes them, Android phones stuck on a carrier have yet another barrier of QA testing to live through. Sprint's phones have been seemingly held back forever when it comes to updates, but at least those rocking an HTC EVO LTE won't have to wait any longer before enjoying the spoils of Jelly Bean.

Android 4.1 is being pushed out to the Sprint EVO LTE starting today, with the rollout to continue over a few weeks. In addition to Google Now, Project Butter and the usual Google amenities, this update also delivers HTC Sense 4+, which provides improved camera capabilities, including Auto Portrait, Sightseeing Mode and the ability to display photos and video albums according to when and where they were taken. Sense 4+ also introduces a new Tap and Go function that allows customers to connect the phone to select Beats Audio speakers when 'tapped' together.

Any EVO LTE users seeing the update yet? Let us know how the install goes in comments.
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