Sprint Officially Offers $200 BlackBerry Tour

Already launched on Verizon Wireless and Alltel, Sprint has become the next to official trumpet the release of RIM's BlackBerry Tour. We already knew the company was planning to put its own stamp on the highly-acclaimed smartphone, and just like that, the Tour 9630 has become a family member with Palm's Pre and the like. Boasting a 3G radio, GPS, document editing and a 3.2MP camera, this phone is certainly looking like a solid rival to the aforesaid Pre and Apple's iPhone.

RIM claims that web browsing is faster than ever here, with easy access to social networking sites and a microSD card slot to load up your multimedia. The phone itself is slimmer than a deck of playing cards, and considering that it touts a "world phone" specification, you can roam with it internationally should you be okay with paying crazy expensive data/phone rates. For a limited time, the BlackBerry Tour 9630 is $199.99 at Sprint on a two-year contract, but with the iPhone 3G selling for $99 on AT&T, we suspect this rate will drop off steeply in the near future.

  • The full QWERTY keyboard makes sending emails and editing documents quick and easy
  • Data gets delivered to the smartphone automatically thanks to BlackBerry® Push Technology.
  • Users can keep in touch with colleagues or loved ones through instant messaging, or up-to-date on news, sports, weather and movies with Sprint TV®.