Sprint May Launch An Early Upgrade Buyout Program

According to a memo obtained by SprintFeed, Sprint is planning a promotion that will let customers upgrade phones even if they're still under contract. The new program is designed to help boost customer morale and provide a way for customers to buy themselves out of their current contract in order to get a new handset.

The memo suggests the program will run from February 12 through April 14. Unfortunately, not all Sprint customers will qualify for the program. Customers that have upgraded within the last eight months, corporate accounts, customers who are in collections, Airave and tablet accounts, and iDEN devices are all exempt from the promotion.

If a customer chooses to take advantage of the promotion, they'll have to pay an Upgrade Now fee, which varies depending on the length of time since the last upgrade. This fee ranges from $165 for users who have upgraded in the last 9 to 11 months all the way down to $55 for users who have upgraded within the last 18 to 21 months. You'll also need to commit to a new two-year contract. According to reports, the offer will only be available at corporate store locations.