Sprint Lets Users Remove Bloatware

In many smartphone reviews here at HotHardware, we've said we wish carriers would leave bloatware off of the phones or, at the very least, allow users to uninstall the bloatware. It appears Sprint has heard our (and many others') request.

The new HTC EVO 3D from Sprint actually lets users uninstall many (but not all) of the programs that come preinstalled on the smartphone. What's even better is that this is not an oversight on the part of Sprint or HTC—it's intentional. In fact, it appears that Sprint intends to allow bloatware to be uninstalled from future Android devices as well.

We can only hope this becomes a trend and that other carriers follow suit. In the meantime, unless you have an EVO 3D from Sprint, you'll still need to root your phone if you want to remove bloatware.