Sprint Kills Nexus One, Presumably In Favor Of HTC EVO 4G

Just a few short months ago, Sprint proudly announced that Google's first smartphone (that they called their own) was coming to The Now Network. That would mean that the Nexus One had plans to be sold on all four major U.S. networks. Shortly after, Verizon (or Google) decided to pull the plug, insisting that users instead focus on the HTC Incredible for their Android fix. Now, Sprint has done something similar, suggesting that the upcoming HTC EVO 4G will be the go-to smartphone on Sprint's network.

Announced this week, Sprint decided to reverse course and not ever offer the Nexus One, with a company spokeswoman stating: "We have made the decision to not take Nexus One into our lineup." Sprint's Leff Mermelstein said that instead of the Nexus One, the network has now opted to include the Android-based HTC EVO 4G, which will provide a similar Android experience on a far superior device with the ability to surf at 4G (instead of just 3G) speeds.

It's difficult to say how much of this decision is coming from Google and how much is coming from Sprint. Google doesn't really lose either way; even if Sprint pushes consumers to the EVO 4G, Google's OS gains market share. Still, this is probably a smart decision, but we would've loved to see the EVO 4G offered at $200 on contract and the Nexus One for $50 on contract. Ah well!