Sprint Gets Serious, Introduces $50 Unlimited Everything Plan For iPhone 6 Owners

Sprint may catch some flak for playing favorites here, but if you're an iPhone fan and plan on picking up the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, the wireless carrier has a deal you might find to be too good to refuse. In an attempt to trump its competitors, Sprint is offering individuals a special $50 per month plan that includes unlimited data, talk, and text.

"The best iPhone ever deserves the best deal in data," Sprint states in relation to the deal.

Along with the special pricing promotion, Sprint is offering a an "iPhone for Life Plan" that ensures you'll have a new iPhone every 2 years. There's no upfront cost or sales tax, just a monthly fee to lease the phone plus the special $50 price mentioned above. For example, if you wanted to lease the 16GB iPhone 6 model, it would cost you $20 per month for the phone plus $50 for the plan. That's $70 a month for the phone, unlimited everything, and a new handset every two years.

Sprint Deals

Alternately, you can still finance the iPhone via 24 monthly payments and the device is yours to keep once it's paid off, or agree to a 2-year contract and pay a subsidized price.

Things have gotten interesting (and a bit confusing) ever since Sprint's proposed merger with T-Mobile fell through. Since then, the two wireless carriers have been trying to one-up the other with new plans. Up to this point, most of the new plans were largely centered around offering more data for the same or similar price as existing plans, though with Sprint's new deal for iPhone users, we may finally see that price war we've been waiting for.