Sprint Gets Direct Carrier Billing Support In Android

A couple of other U.S. carriers have had this option for some time now, but Sprint remained outside of the "Android Carrier Billing" loop. Until this week! Based on a report over at Android Developers, Direct Carrier Billing is now in place for Sprint users, which allows people to bill their Android Market purchases to their Sprint bill, making for one less thing to worry about paying. T-Mobile USA and AT&T gained this functionality last year, and a trifecta of Japanese carriers have it already as well.

It's currently being rolled out to all Sprint users, so not everyone will have access immediately. It's a phased roll-out, so if you don't see it right away, just hang tight; it should be there soon. When complete, Android users on the Sprint network will be able to charge their Android Market purchases to their Sprint mobile bill with only a few clicks.

It sounds as if Google intends to continue rolling this option out to variety of carriers as time rolls along, so if you're on Verizon Wireless, patience is key!