Sprint CEO Happy With iPad, Says Helps Overdrive Sales

Sprint thanking Apple for making the iPad? That's something you probably didn't see coming. Sprint is one of the two major U.S. carriers that have no real ties to the iPad. Verizon Wireless just started offering the Wi-Fi version along with a VZW MiFi, and AT&T has an integrated 3G version. So why would Sprint be thankful for the iPad's invention? According to a recent interview with GigaOM, Sprint's CEO recently expressed his gratitude for the iPad, saying that it has been largely responsible for a surge in sales of their Overdrive.

The Overdrive a 3G/4G mobile hotspot, and Sprint has sold an iPad case before with an Overdrive slot. As Sprint sees it, these two are meant for each other. Dan Hesse said that Wi-Fi iPads are the most popular models, and that the introduction of them has heightened the level of interest and sales in the Overdrive. When paired with an Overdrive in a 4G city, this unit allows the iPad to connect at WiMAX speeds, which is faster than AT&T's 3G network.

Sprint wouldn't disclose actual sales numbers, nor would they comment directly on their relationship with Apple, but even saying this is saying enough. Sprint loves the iPad, who would have thought?