Split-Screen Multitasking, Multi-User Support Reportedly Coming To 12.9-Inch iPad Pro

Apple appears to be readying new, larger iPads that will feature split-screen app viewing and multi-user support. The word from 9to5Mac is that Apple has codenamed two 12-inch tablets “J98” and “J99,” to run the upcoming iOS 9.

Little is known about the new iPads at this point, though The Wall Street Journal has reported that Apple is considering adding ports for a keyboard and mouse. USB-C ports also appear to be on the table.

Apple appears to be planning new versions of its iPad, which will be larger and may feature iOS9
iPad Air and mini.

Split-screen viewing would be a welcome addition. As it stands now, you can view only one app at a time on your iPad. The upcoming split-screen functionality will probably allow for up to three apps to be displayed side-by-side. Other options could include displaying multiple Safari (Apple’s browser) tabs or expanding one app to two thirds of the screen while displaying another app on the remaining third.

Another possible feature is multi-user support, which would be a relief to anyone sharing their iPad with family members. However, 9to5Mac points out that the feature may not make it into iOS 9 when it debuts – and the notoriously-secretive Apple is unlikely to clear things up.