Splashtop Remote Desktop Comes To Mac OS X

In today's increasingly connected world, leaving a file "behind" is becoming ever more unacceptable. Can't access it remotely? You're doing it wrong. All kidding aside, Splashtop has made a business of keeping folks within arm's reach of their files regardless of their physical location, and now that same gesture is being delivered to the Mac operating system.

The company just launched Remote Desktop for Mac, enabling Mac-to-PC and Mac-to-Mac remote access from a private network or across the Internet. Currently Splashtop Remote Desktop enables millions of mobile devices, from tablets to smartphones, to remotely access PCs and Macs with full audio and high-definition (HD) video. But this build allows Mac owners to access important files or photos on another computer without worrying about syncing, converting or compatibility issues, and it supports video and audio streaming from your remote computer, connectivity via LAN, Wi-Fi or over the Internet with Internet Discovery and Wake-On-Lan.

It's compatible with the newest build of OS X (Lion), and can be purchased right now in the Mac App Store for only $9.99. Not bad at all.